By involving a third person (e.g. employer, credit institution), this measure can ensure that money claims which the debtor can expect and which are therefore his property are seized and no longer paid to him but to the creditor.

The most common seizures are those of the account, salary, pension as well as rental income and outstanding debts.

The disclosure of a debtor’s personal and financial circumstances.

The so-called acceptance of the statement of assets is enforced by the bailiff either voluntarily or compulsorily by means of an arrest warrant.

It is always carried out if the compulsory enforcement has previously been completely or partially fruitless.

The compulsory collection of a legally enforceable claim by means of an enforcement body (usually the bailiff) on movable property.

The most frequently enforced movable assets include cash, stocks of goods, jewellery, works of art and vehicles.

That the order for payment has been successfully served and no objection has been lodged. With the delivery of the enforcement order, the claim is legally decided and secured for 30 years.

The claim can now be enforced.

A monetary claim is made pending in court. An impending limitation period is thus additionally suspended.

It is a procedure to get an uncontested claim titled in a simplified procedure, cheaply and quickly.

Questions about the commissioning

Which documents does AKTIVA require for a (first) assignment?

Power of attorney for collection
Once only for the first order

Customer master data sheet
Once for initial assignment

Your outstanding debt
→ Copy of invoice / OP list
→ Excel spreadsheet (by arrangement)
→ Receivable(s) is/are overdue
Additional information on the receivable
→ In the case of OP list / Excel table, copies of invoices by arrangement
→ For rent receivables, enclose copy of rental agreement
→ For memberships, enclose copy of contract
→ Date of birth, bank details and telephone number of debtor if available

Already titled claims
→ AKTIVA always requires the original title and an enforceable copy.

If you have any questions about the documents required or the procedures, please call us beforehand.
please call us first. We are here for you!


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In principle, there is no lower limit for claims.

If your outstanding debt has not been paid by the due date.

There is no contractual commitment to AKTIVA. You decide – even if you are already a customer – in each individual case whether and which claims you want to transfer to AKTIVA.

No. You decide yourself which claims you want to transfer to AKTIVA.

No. There are no admission fees or membership fees at AKTIVA.

Title Collection

No, AKTIVA only collects titled debts.

Yes. You can submit already titled claims for debt collection by AKTIVA without any restrictions.

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